Knowledge through networking

  • Food & Beverage

    8-9 September 2020, Rome

    15th Annual Global Food Safety Summit

    Ensuring a safe, secure & transparent global food supply chain in times of the crisis

  • HR & Compensation

    16-17 September 2020, Brussels

    19th Annual Executive Compensation & Benefits Summit

    Coping with the future of executive rewards in these volatile times of crisis

  • Automotive

    30 September - 1 October 2020, Online Experience

    5th Annual Automotive Warranty Management USA Summit

    Building a New Automotive Warranty Roadmap in the New Normal

  • Automotive

    3-4 November 2020, Berlin

    20th Anniversary Automotive Retail & Distribution Summit

    Ensuring your network is prepared for crisis and post crisis times

  • Automotive

    5-6 November 2020, Berlin

    9th Annual MOVE Summit

    Future mobility concepts and enablers

  • Innovation, NPD & Tech

    10-11 November 2020, Berlin

    10th Anniversary NPD and Innovation in the Chemical Industry Summit

    Coping with innovation in these volatile times of crisis

  • Finance & Banking

    10-11 November 2020, Berlin

    18th Annual International Financial Reporting and Compliance Summit

    Reporting strategies that focus on rules implementation, interpretation and strategic growth

  • Automotive

    30 November - 1 December 2020, Berlin

    20th Annual Automotive CRM and Marketing Excellence Summit

    Exploring technology and techniques to ensure customer loyalty and create brand advocates

  • Automotive

    1-2 December 2020, Berlin

    8th Annual Automotive Warranty Management Summit

    Ensuring the industry is prepared for crisis and post crisis times


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In these trying times we are maintaining our offices open and work through remote work by employees. The utmost care is being taken to continue our programs with continuity and we ask for your help in this. We are a small company and want to take care of our clients and employees in a safe, professional and sustainable manner. As you may have difficulty reaching us during these times, please send your inquiries via email directly to the party you are working with, through Skype or by sending an email to

We thank you for your patience.

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Ed Basden
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