Knowledge through networking


Finance & Banking

22-23 November 2017, Madrid

International Financial Reporting and Compliance 2017

Reporting strategies that focus on rules implementation, interpretation and strategic growth

Marketing, CRM & CI

28-29 November 2017, Berlin

Automotive CRM and Marketing Excellence 2017

Exploring technology and techniques to ensure customer loyalty and create brand advocates

Food & Beverage

16-17 January 2018, Berlin

Sustainable Development in the Food & Beverage Industry 2018

Optimizing resources to ensure the sustainability of the food & beverage industry


24-25 January 2018, Amsterdam

Vehicle Remarketing 2018

Re-engineering strategies to maximise the use of technology and optimise vehicle resale

Packaging & Design

13-14 March 2018, Berlin

Packaging Design & Innovation 2018

Cutting edge creativity in design and design management


24-25 April 2018, Düsseldorf

Automotive Retail & Distribution 2018

Navigating modern retail landscapes to ensure growth in sales and profitability


25-26 April 2018, Düsseldorf

Automotive Parts Management 2018

Effective and innovative strategies for aftersales and aftermarket parts & service excellence


16-17 May 2018, Berlin

Automotive Warranty Management 2018

Creating warranty programmes and practices that drive customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

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