Knowledge through networking


Food & Beverage

8-9 September 2020, Rome

15th Annual Global Food Safety Summit

Ensuring a safe, secure & transparent global food supply chain in times of the crisis

HR & Compensation

16-17 September 2020, Brussels

19th Annual Executive Compensation & Benefits Summit

Coping with the future of executive rewards in these volatile times of crisis


30 September - 1 October 2020, Online Experience

5th Annual Automotive Warranty Management USA Summit

Building a New Automotive Warranty Roadmap in the New Normal


3-4 November 2020, Berlin

20th Anniversary Automotive Retail & Distribution Summit

Ensuring your network is prepared for crisis and post crisis times


5-6 November 2020, Berlin

9th Annual MOVE Summit

Future mobility concepts and enablers

Finance & Banking

10-11 November 2020, Berlin

18th Annual International Financial Reporting and Compliance Summit

Reporting strategies that focus on rules implementation, interpretation and strategic growth


30 November - 1 December 2020, Berlin

20th Annual Automotive CRM and Marketing Excellence Summit

Exploring technology and techniques to ensure customer loyalty and create brand advocates


1-2 December 2020, Berlin

8th Annual Automotive Warranty Management Summit

Ensuring the industry is prepared for crisis and post crisis times

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