Knowledge through networking


Packaging & Design

10-11 March 2015, Amsterdam

Packaging Design & Innovation 2015

Cutting edge creativity in design and design management


24-25 March 2015, Amsterdam

Automotive Retail and Distribution 2015

Effective and innovative retailing for today’s dynamic society


25-26 March 2015, Amsterdam

Automotive Parts Management 2015

Developing an effective and efficient strategy for parts wholesale and retail that results in diminished costs and maximised profits

Innovation, NPD & Tech

21-22 April 2015, Berlin

Innovation Fusion 2015: NPD & Technology Excellence for Chem & FMCG

A compatible industry event for the makers of Food & Beverage, Specialty Chemicals, Household Products and Body Care


19-20 May 2015, Amsterdam

Automotive Warranty Management 2015

Streamlining claim management and connected warranty data to increase customer satisfaction and drive continuous improvement


9-10 June 2015, Amsterdam

Automotive Finance 2015

Reshaping the finance business for the increasingly competitive, digital and fast paced era

Food & Beverage

8-9 September 2015, Amsterdam

Global Food Safety 2015

Managing a safe and secure global food supply chain

HR & Compensation

15-16 September 2015, Rome

Executive Compensation & Benefits 2015

Creating effective compensation packages that meet the expectations of executives and stakeholders

Innovation, NPD & Tech

22-23 September 2015, Berlin

TECHSCOUT 2015: Strategic Venturing & Innovation Excellence

Driving your business forward through unifying external venturing, partnership and portfolio growth


6-7 October 2015, Amsterdam

MOVE 2015

Future mobility concepts and enablers


10-11 November 2015, Rome

Automotive CRM & Marketing Excellence 2015

Exploring technology and techniques to ensure customer loyalty and create brand advocates

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